Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Passengers injured on a turbulent American Airlines flight by: Jonell Williams, 2nd Period

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     An American Airlines plane-- a Boeing 777-- has made a safety landing in Narita, Japan after experiencing high turbulence with accompanied injury in the cabin. Flight 280 was departing from Seoul, South Korea to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas when a severe winter storm caused the plane to make an emergency landing. Fourteen were examined for injury and out of the fourteen, four passengers and one crew member were sent to local hospitals for treatment. The 240 passenger plus 15 crew plane won't be leaving Japan until Wednesday, because of blizzard warnings in the northern and western part of the country and a developing storm east of Japan causing severe turbulence.
     This is an actually surprising turn of events because people actually got injured by turbulence. The Boeing planes have been a usual suspect of plane troubles or just bad luck. In a previous article I reviewed, a Boeing 757 made an emergency landing because of a blown air-duct, but weather is an unavoidable consequence of flight, and any plane would have shaken and injured its passengers. Hopefully the passengers will be okay and depart in a timely manner back to Texas.              


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  1. Even though we have advanced technology we still have to be careful and can't totally rely on it.